Peer Review Process

At SPECTA Journal of Technology (SPECTA), we adhere to a rigorous peer review process policy to ensure the highest quality of published articles. The following are the principles that govern our peer review process:

    • Double-Blind Peer Review: All manuscripts submitted to SPECTA undergo a strict double-blind peer review process. This means that each manuscript is independently reviewed by at least two expert reviewers who are not affiliated with the authors. The identities of both the authors and reviewers are kept confidential to ensure unbiased and objective evaluations.
    • Expert Reviewers: Manuscripts are assigned to expert reviewers who possess significant knowledge and expertise in the relevant field. Reviewers are chosen based on their qualifications and experience to provide valuable insights and constructive feedback on the manuscript.
    • Thorough Evaluation: Reviewers are expected to conduct a thorough evaluation of the manuscripts assigned to them. This includes assessing the originality, methodology, results, and significance of the research. Reviewers should provide detailed feedback, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript and suggesting improvements where necessary.
    • Timely Reviews: We strive to maintain a reasonable timeframe for the review process. Reviewers are requested to complete their evaluations within the given deadline to ensure timely feedback for authors. Prompt reviews help facilitate the publication process and maintain the overall efficiency of SPECTA.
    • Ethical Conduct: Reviewers are required to adhere to high ethical standards throughout the peer review process. This includes treating manuscripts as confidential, avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining objectivity in their assessments, and refraining from any form of plagiarism or unauthorized use of the manuscript's content.
    • Confidentiality: Reviewers must maintain the confidentiality of the manuscripts they review and must not disclose any information or findings from the manuscript before its publication.

We greatly appreciate the valuable contributions of our reviewers in maintaining the quality and integrity of SPECTA Journal of Technology (SPECTA). We thank you for your dedication and time in providing quality reviews for the articles we publish.