Influence of Mango Polyphenol Treatment in Mechanical Properties of Dendrocalamus Asper Bamboo


  • Teodoro Astorga Amatosa
  • Michael E. Loretero University of San Carlos
  • Evelyn B. Taboada University of San Carlos
  • Kramer Joseph Lim University of San Carlos



Dendrocalamus asper bamboo, mango polyphenol, mechanical properties


In this study, the effectiveness of mango polyphenol (MPP) powder in seawater pH 7.4 as a natural treatment on the mechanical properties of unidirectional full culm bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper) was investigated. Our observations are explained through the changes in MPP percentage of 5, 10, and 20 of the raw material upon treatment, where the 10% amount of MPP are dominant in compressive strength with 43.83 MPa at the top part (nodal), 10% amount of MPP in compressive strength with 47.13 MPa at the middle part (non-nodal), and 5% in flexural strength with 43.07 MPa at the top part. The treatment process combining sea-water absorption plus mango polyphenol powder is more effective in improving mechanical properties with MPP variations than using them alone. Finally, materials identified as having favorable effects on full bamboo culm.