About the Journal

The Indonesian Journal of Maritime Technology, abbreviated as ISMATECH, focuses on publishing articles related to maritime affairs, particularly within the fields of Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Marine Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. ISMATECH is an open-access journal, allowing global visitors to freely publish, read, download, quote, and distribute papers featured in the journal. The publication schedule is set for twice a year, in June and November.

Focus and Scope

Research titles encompassed by this journal include, but are not limited to:

  1. Naval Architecture: covering ship strength, Ship Hydrodynamics, Ship Construction, Ship Production Management, Wooden and FRP Ship Materials, Ship Design Innovation, Ship Vibration and Noise, Welding Technology, Fatigue, Sea Transportation, Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling.
  2. Marine Engineering: encompassing Engine Performance, Renewable Fuels, Dual fuel system, Ship electricity, Ship Resistance, Ship piping systems, Ship reliability).
  3. Ocean engineering: Marine and Offshore Structures, Coastal Structures and Management, Port Structures and Management, Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF), Ocean Renewable Energy, Marine Instrumentation, Marine Pollution.
  4. Mechanical engineering: addressing Tribology, Energy Studies, Engines and Turbines, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Lubrication and Wear, Materials Science, Mechatronics, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Pressure analysis, Structural and mechanical design, Renewable energy, Structural mechanics, Thermodynamics, Materials processing, Vibration).

Publication Frequency

ISMATECH Journal is published twice a year in June and December.

Article Processing Charges (APC)

Publication in this journal is free of charge (IDR 0,00). However, authors bear full responsibility for any costs incurred in preparing or proofreading the manuscript on a personal initiative.

Peer Review Process

All submissions undergo a peer review process conducted by experts in the relevant area of study, a procedure that typically takes 4-7 weeks.


To ensure originality, all submissions are scrutinized for potential plagiarism using Turnitin.

ISMATECH is assigned  E-ISSN number 3025-518X