Implementasi Sakelar Listrik IoT Dengan Metode Advanced Personal Extreme Programming


  • Anugrah Deagung Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
  • Aidil Saputra Kirsan Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
  • Yuyun Tri Wiranti Institut Teknologi Kalimantan


Advance Personal Extreme Programming, Internet of Things, Design and Development, Smart Home System, Website


Often in everyday life humans forget to turn off electronic devices that are not used. This causes a spike in the use of electric power. So it is necessary to design and build website-based IoT electrical switches. With this system, it will further optimize the use of technological developments, especially in the Internet of Things. This system was built to make it easier for humans to control and monitor the electronic equipment used. This IoT electrical switch system was built using the Advance Personal Extreme Programming method. The results obtained from the design and construction of this system are an electrical switch tool and website, where the features contained in it are features to turn off and turn on electronic equipment remotely, and features to monitor or monitor electricity usage and display the costs involved. must be issued. Through the results of a comparative analysis, it can be concluded that this system has succeeded in reducing monthly electricity costs.