Penyusunan Standar Operasional Prosedur Gudang pada PT. XYZ


  • Evira Oktananda Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
  • Lovinta Happy Atrinawati Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
  • M. Gilvy Langgawan Putra Institut Teknologi Kalimantan



 XYZ is a company that offers logistics services, one of which is warehouse rental. This service offers to receive, manage, and send goods. However, several processes are not following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Work Instructions (WI). Also, some do not yet have SOPs. This situation is in contrast to ISO 9001:2015 that applied by the company which requires documentation of the processes. It is concluded that the warehouse department needed the development of SOPs and WIs. This research used document control procedures and manual documents owned by the company as guidance, then carried out the process identification, discovery, analysis, and redesign stages of the Business Process Management (BPM) cycle. BPM is a method for exploring, analyzing, redesigning, executing, and monitoring business processes. The process identification approached goal-based, action-based, and reference-based models to produce an architecture process. Process discovery modeled the processes of process architecture. Through analysis using the five whys method, obtained information that the absence of standardization in asset utilization report causing measurement of KPI achievement is unknown. It also showed that food contamination happened due to the flaw of putting away regulation. Process redesign remodeled the processes according to the results of the analysis phase. The results of this study obtained the development of 41 processes, consisting of 39 processes which are new processes and 2 other processes are the results of improvements for the "put away and inbound document submission" process. The process is then organized into 1 SOP and 40 WIs.


Keywords: Warehouse, SOP, WI, BPM, ISO 9001:2015